Good Leadership: Has your team got what it takes?


As experts in the field of personal and organisational leadership, we’re often asked to define good leadership in a nutshell. While it may be relatively easy to define, good leadership can be quite a complex matter to achieve but is vitally important to strive for.

Studies on less than optimum organisational productivity show that 65 – 75% of employees in any given organisation report that the worst aspect of their job is their immediate boss. This causes employee engagement and performance to deteriorate.

In spite of the fact that we live in a knowledge economy, there is nonetheless a mismatch between what science knows and what business does. Organisations should still look carefully at whether they invest enough, in the right way, in building current and future leadership capability.

  • 1.Leadership matters – it affects the value and performance of all enterprises.
  • 2.Leadership is defined by results – there is no one “right” approach, but there are “right results”.
  • 3.Leadership is a behaviour – it is not a formal role.
  • 4.Leadership is a function of a person’s capabilities – personal qualities and specific competencies.
  • 5.Leaders are both born and made – some capabilities are inherited (emerging over time) and others are learned through experience.
  • 6.Leadership ability can be measured – and therefore predicted and developed.
  • 7.Leadership in action is: envisioning, engaging and executing.
  • 8.Leadership is about groups – its effect on the performance of a collective.
  • 9.Leadership influences others – and others choose their response to that influence.
  • 10.Leadership does not happen in a vacuum – the environment is relevant to performance. 

This means that leadership selection and development:

  • Must be driven by insight into behaviour
  • Can focus on general capabilities, building on strengths and mitigating for weaknesses
  • Needs to happen in the individual’s current context or future situation
  • Should be focused on changing behaviour to improve results
  • Is about improving the performance of teams as well as leaders

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