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20th February 2018 - Adelaide, South Australia

Opt In and Stand Out

Our beliefs shape everything we do. These might have been shaped by family expectations, self-talk and general life-experience. For some of us these might be supportive narratives but, for many women, such narratives feed their self-limiting beliefs. They may even prevent us from seeing opportunities and maybe even discouraged us from trying at all.

On 20th February 2018, why not join our emcee Alice Monfries at the beautiful Adelaide Oval to hear inspirational stories from four successful women. Our speakers have each experienced times in their lives when that noisy inner voice wasn't helpful. Each of them has also made choices to opt in and said "yes" to opportunity, despite the discomfort, un/written rules, fear and/or uncertainty they might have felt. Learn how they broke through to realise their achievements (so far).


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27th February 2018 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Executive Resilience



This 4 hour seminar offers executives and senior leaders practical tips and hints to strengthening resilience. 
  1. Master Stress Recognise the symptoms of increased pressure and take steps to calm down.
  2. Energise your Body Sleep, fitness, nutrition.
  3. Engage your Emotions making a conscious effort to do so will change your way of thinking.
  4. Train your Mind - objectivity, perspective. strategies to `keep going' when you encounter opposition.
  5. Stay Connected considering the perspectives of others. Find, or spend time doing, something that lifts the spirit.

Tips for creating new habits that strengthen resilience It takes 21 days to create a habit, and If we find a coach to whom we commit to make changes, we are more likely to succeed.

This seminar is both dynamic and unique; with lasting impact on executive performance.


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02nd March 2018 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Manager As Coach


If your job involves leading others, the implications are clear: the most important thing you can do each day is to help your team members experience meaningful progress.

To do so, it’s necessary to understand what drives each person, help build connections between each person’s work and your organisation’s mission and strategic objectives, provide timely feedback, and help each person learn and grow on an ongoing basis.

But it's not that easy when you're time-poor, haven't done this type of leadership before or your team members don't appear to listen!


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08th March 2018 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Her Leadership Style




Would you find value in a Leadership Program that brings together the best female business minds to create a nurturing group environment?

One that provides each member with insight, peer mentoring and strategies to make better decisions and achieve better results in business and life?

What about the opportunity to belong to an intelligent, objective, non-competitive female network and overcome the isolation felt at the top?

This strictly limited opportunity is coming to KL in 2018 and you could be one of the very first to Opt In


This afternoon workshop/seminar offers a 'half-day sample' of AsiaAus Leaders exciting and comprehensive new women's Leadership Development Program - 8 for Eight. 8 for Eight is a break-through, exclusive, holistic and fantastic opportunity for women who are serious about advancing their global career and increasing their value.


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