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Australian Strategic Services

For over 25 years, Australian Strategic Services has specialised in working with the boards, chief executive officers and senior managers of community businesses offering consulting and a range of innovative solutions for community businesses including TAGS™ BizPlan™ RiskPlan™ DASHBOARD™ MAPS™.

Australian Trade and Investment Commission

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission–Austrade–contributes to Australia’s economic prosperity by helping Australian businesses, education institutions, tourism operators, governments and citizens as they develop international markets and promote international education, win productive foreign direct investment, strengthen Australia’s tourism industry, seek consular and passport services.

Austrade achieves this by generating market information and insight, promoting Australian capabilities, developing policy, making connections through an extensive global network of contacts, leveraging the badge of government offshore and providing quality advice and services.

Better Boards

Better Boards connects the leaders, chief executive officers, board members and senior management teams, of Australasian non-profit organisations to the knowledge and networks necessary to grow and develop their leadership skills and build a strong governance framework for their organisation.
When board members and chief executive officers work within a robust governance framework, come together in a cohesive leadership team and are connected with the right knowledge and networks, they can have a hugely positive impact within their non-profit organisation and the community it serves.

Business SA

Business SA is the voice of business in South Australia.

Business SA assists organisations of all sizes to manage people and tackle the issues faced in today’s competitive business environment. Their highly skilled professionals provide hands-on assistance to identify workplace challenges and drive growth at every stage of the business lifecycle.

Code Six Zero Sdn Bhd

Code Six Zero believes that many smaller companies in Malaysia and throughout the region could be much more successful if they knew how to market themselves more effectively online to their would-be customers and clients.

Code Six Zero brings together a range of different tools and techniques into a highly effective digital strategy, increasing traffic to your website and improving conversion rates, so that more leads turn into sales.

ET Khor

ET Khor is a renowned writer and well sought after speaker who has worked in UK, China, Singapore, Brunei & Malaysia.

ET speaks and trains on Culture & Mindset Transformation, Leadership Development, Personality Development and Team Development.

For over 10 years, ET has helped companies increase their efficiency and profitability, by creating a positive work culture and developing their most important asset – their people.

Human Resources Department Fund (HRDF)

The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) is administered by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB), an Agency under the Ministry of Human Resources, via the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act, 2001.

In fulfilling the nation's aspiration to attain the status of developed country by the year 2020, the HRDF was established in 1993 with the aim of developing quality human capital and world-class workforce in order to achieve a high income economy based on knowledge and innovation.

Inspired Minds

Inspired Minds was established in 2011 with the purpose of helping organizations achieve goals through their graduate and talent programs. As we grew, we realized that more than the organizations, individuals had goals and mission that they want to achieve as well. With a little guidance, tenacity, learning pains and support, we believe that we can help individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their goals without losing who they are. Instead, we leverage on who each one is created to be and is ready to become. Embark on the Inspired Minds D.A.R.E. to see yourself and your organization grow to its potential to fulfil its purpose.

Kool Results

Kool Results has been operating for over a decade, well before coaching became a trend. Clients from all walks of life have pointed to Kool Results' professionalism, adaptability and good humour, helping them to build on their leadership skills. Kool Results seeks to honour and empower the valuable contribution that lies within each and every person they work with.

Malaysian Australian Business Council

The Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC) has been the leading voice of Malaysian and Australian businesses. The MABC was established in 1986 as a private non-profit organisation providing a range of services to its members based in both Malaysia and Australia.

Supported by its co-patrons, The Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry and the Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia, the MABC is the most effective body to support your business interests. Through a full programmes of events and regular communication, the MABC provides a comprehensive platform for both companies and individuals to successfully do business in Malaysia and Australia.


SA.GOV.AU is the best place for South Australian citizens and businesses to find government services and information. The site is managed by a dedicated team within Service SA in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. The team works with the rest of government to make things clear, simple and easy. It's a big task, and over 150 people from every department work with us to present things in consistent way using plain language.

Successful Graduate

Successful Graduate materials enable students and graduates to bring their soft skills, emotional intelligence, core values, personality type and unique value proposition in line with their academic performance in order to present well-rounded individuals who are capable of entering the workforce smoothly. Students are encouraged to prepare resumes and job applications that are based upon marketing their own unique value proposition, rather than marketing one of the many hollow templated approaches which exist online today. Course outcomes include a professional LinkedIn profile, tidied social media profiles, resume and cover letters and much more.

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