Our global virtual coaching services

Are you one of the thousands of young professionals frustrated with costly off-the-shelf courses and training programs that don't hit the mark? Are you tired of wasting time in class waiting for an 'A-ha' learning moment that's relevant to the issue you're currently facing in the real world? Chances are your professional development goals would be best achieved using a skilled coach. Studies have shown that executive coaching delivers 5.7 times the financial outlay for that coaching and that it has higher relevance to the individual participants - a 90+% satisfaction rate!

AsiaAus coaches have a passion for developing people. They are highly skilled in facilitating the personal development, learning and well-being of professionals, executives and their teams. They have deep insight and understanding of various cultures stemming from over 20 years of experience in multinational companies across the APAC region - and they are waiting to connect with you and your aspirations.

Virtual coaching means you can access your coach from anywhere in the world, at anytime.  You can choose from our extensive range of coaching packages or we can design a program to meet your unique needs.

Leadership Performance

AsiaAus Leaders coaching develops sustainable leadership capabilities and skills by developing constructive thinking and behavioural styles.

Entrepreneur Fast Track

AsiaAus Leaders has professional and accredited Business Coaches and Mentors offering a rich mix of business acumen and experience for new business operators.

CE Strategy

Our coaches bring an impressive track record of working internationally with high performing leaders in the Asia Pacific region, focusing on matters of organisational transition, diversity, strategy and high performing teams.

The Aspirational Woman

Coaching will allow you to unlock your potential and design your leadership presence through developing self-understanding, developing flexible communication techniques and maximising personal performance.

Goal Focussed

Just in time - explore workable solutions to implement today! Bring an issue to the table and work with you coach to identify real strategies to implement now to achieve outstanding results.

Creating A Coaching Culture

A comprehensive skills-based program that focuses on building coaching capacity in your leaders by integrating coachcing into their leadership style.

Design Your Future

Experience personal transformation by tapping into your ability to create choice in your own `world'.  Create outcomes you would never have dreamed of before!

Team Performance Coaching

People learn best when they can exchange new ideas, act on and be challenged by new knowledge and feedback, and reflect with like-minded peers.

Who we work with

Individuals who:

  • are eager to define their own version of success;
  • are technically savvy and getting great feedback
  • feel a connection with the word ‘creativity’ and are keen to design their own style of leadership
  • love bringing out the best in others
  • are under 35 and living or working in the Asia pacific region
  • working as CEO/Business owners/Executives
  • see themselves as Entrepreneurs
  • work as Consultants
  • have a passion for making a difference professionally and personally

Benefits - what will coaching do for you?

Working with a coach is perfect for you if you are keen to:

  • Find your leadership identity
  • Set and achieve your leadership goals
  • Discover and own YOUR leadership style
  • Engage and motivate your team
  • Shift your values and attitudes to be an effective leader
  • Utilise your time to develop and coach your team
  • Succeed through others and help others succeed
  • Become more self-aware (eg Behavioural Assessments)
  • Learn how to effectively use resources and tools
  • Be there right when you need it! (Yes, access to your coach between sessions!)

Access our coaches whenever, wherever...

As all of our coaching programmes are virtual, you'll be able to enjoy the following benefits of this delivery method:

  • avoid travel time and costs
  • all you need is a web based smart phone, tablet or note to connect with your coach
  • discussing the tough stuff can be easier in the privacy & comfort of your own `space'
  • maintain coaching sessions during travel or while working from any location to ensure you stay accountable to the big results you want to achieve
  • it's easier for both you and your coach to focus exclusively on matters at hand with no visual distractions that will take your attention away
  • work with the best coach, no matter where they are in the world, to achieve the best results

Our Coaches

Cath Duncan - Director

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Alison Hodge

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Mark Harvey

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Florence Lam Kam Goo

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