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Business Smarts Group Coaching

Facilitated Small Group Coaching

Who is this for?

New and experienced business owners who are eager to create the space, time and accountability to focus on their business development. 10 participants maximum.


How does it work?

Our Business Smarts Group Coaching Program is a professionally facilitated business & leadership development program for small groups of up to 10 high-potential, business owners and entrepreneurs.


Together, participants explore business leadership issues and work with a coach to achieve key professional development goals. You will not only gain a deeper insight from the discussion and exchange of ideas, between the other participants and the coach, but you will leverage your learning and contribute to the discussion in a way that engages and benefits all members of the group. You and the participants will keep each other accountable to your self-selected goal and around what each promises to do as an action plan between sessions to achieve their goal.


What will I get?


  •  Create Your Business RoadMap: Develop or refine your business vision.
  •  Explore your unique strengths and abilities as a business leader, identifying areas for leverage and competitive advantage.
  •  Get clear on your niche (or niches) - Who are your clients? Whom do you serve?
  •  Identify the limiting beliefs you hold about your business.
  •  Identify what unique products and services you offer and how this sets you apart from other providers.
  •  Business Leader Journal supplied. Jammed with business relevant self-assessments and challenges designed to inspire you to take that extra leap to success.
  •  Loads of valuable resources, blueprints and tools.
  •  Our expert business coach will be working with the group to discover and determine individual business solutions that in turn the whole group will benefit.
  •  Connect with other like-minded business leaders where action and accountability will be created in a group environment, and facilitated by our expert business coach.
  •  Three intensive one hour coaching sessions where you will have the opportunity to drill down into the nitty gritty of those business issues. You can schedule these sessions, anytime over the course of the program, to suit your own business and personal needs so that you get maximum value.

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