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Opt in is a series of programs for professional women who are keen to design outstanding results in work and life. Opt In offers wrap-around professional and personal development solutions delivered through a combination of Individual and Group Coaching sessions, or Wisdom Circles. This methodology provides an immediate and practical application for today’s business leader, allowing participants, just like you, to improve your leadership capabilities and advance your career.


Opt In and you will have the opportunity to learn and apply contemporary business theories, while concurrently, creating a personal plan for your own professional advancement.


Who should Opt In? Senior Professional Women who:


    Have gained increased leadership responsibilities or scope;

  •  Are in a period of transition; 
  •  Are moving into a leadership role requiring business development or broader focus;
  •  Are looking for Board Room Equality.


Participants will have a minimum of 2 years of progressively responsible experience and accomplishments in an organisation. They will demonstrate a track record of continuous improvement, self-awareness, openness to honest feedback, and shared commitment to helping others succeed while making a positive impact on their community.


As a participant you will have access to an executive coach/mentor  who will work exclusively on your goals and hold you accountable to stay true to your vision, make progress on your development, and incorporate new leadership behaviour. 


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Opt In: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):




How do I know the coach/mentor and group will be a good fit?
Our coaches are high calibre entrepreneurs and business leaders who are placed throughout Australia and globally. We select them very carefully. We recruit and interview all our coaches personally so we can truly vouch for their credentials and experience. They are men and women of all diversities who come from a wide array of industries and backgrounds.

We invest a lot of time and resources in making sure that the coach/participant matches are going to be successful – considering industry and business needs as much as matching on skill sets and personality. We also conduct an interview with all of our participants so that we gain a strong sense of the best `fit' for you and the other members of the group. We make every attempt to ensure a balance and mix of industry leaders and skills so that every participant gets maximum value from the program. We don’t normally offer a ‘re-allocation’ after confirming the group (extreme circumstances excluded) – but we offer you a number of resources and tools to get the most out of the program.


What topics will be covered in the session
Leadership is the ability to inspire others to act, and communication is the means through which inspiration occurs .

Opt In group coaching provides the opportunity to deal with real time business issues or strategic challenges in a group coaching forum. This means that each session can be different with no `off the shelf topics or set structure' .... you and the other participants bring the `agenda' to the table and the coach/mentor will facilitate the discussion so that everyone gains a deeper insight, new strategies and new ways of thinking through a particular issue.


What is Group Coaching?
Group coaching is cost effective, builds team unity and creates alignment towards business objectives and allows groups of 8-10 people to work in a creative and highly energising environment.

The group’s role in the process is to engage in each other's learning and goals, and to inspire each other to succeed. Our expert coaches and mentors             use a facilitated learning technique that promotes enquiry and understanding that helps people move forward, integrate learning and achieve goals. Members are encouraged to listen carefully and intently, be present and ask questions that promote reflection, clear direction and effective action.

Group Coaching challenges you to find your own answers and how best to implement the material from your own perspective.


Will there be `homework' ?
Your coach/mentor is NOT going to save you, and it is NOT their job to do the work for you. A coach/mentor is there to challenge, guide and support you. They can be a sounding board, a brainstorming partner, a critic, a teacher and even someone who helps to build your confidence but it is NOT up to them to do the work to achieve your goals. That is YOUR job and you have to decide if are you REALLY ready.

If you are ready to be stretched and want the growth you are chasing, then your success will be in taking action. If that means homework, then bring it on!
There may well be tough stuff you have to work through. Your coach/mentor (and the other participants) will offer insight and direction which, no doubt, will inspire you to take action to reach the goals for your business, career and/or personal success.

Opt In can TRANSFORM your business or career, only when you are ready to take action. Your coach/mentor knows HOW to challenge you to think bigger and determine the strategies for success ..... you just need the willingness to do what is necessary to get there.


Can I discuss the Opt In Program with someone before I sign up?
Of course! Please complete your contact details here and we will be in touch with you very soon. We look forward to hearing from you!



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