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Driving trends for executive coaching is the reality that great leaders are hard to find and harder to keep. In a keen attempt to stay competitive, companies are seeing executive coaching services as a way to empower valued employees to develop in line with a rapidly changing business environment. Our Executive Coaching Program allows for a deeper understanding of how to build collaborative cultures, an understanding of the forces of co-operation and the nature of influence.  Our expert coaches will work with teams and executives in the corporate world to coach and develop personal leadership styles, identifying strengths and strategies that will result in outstanding performance.

Our executive coaches make no assumptions about what the client needs to function successfully. Instead, they work from the executive’s agenda to help the client accelerate the development of the insight needed to deliver the desired change, whether that’s enhanced communication, time management, building high performance teams, or some other area of focus. Self-reliance, and not dependency, is the goal.

Our coaches bring an impressive track record of working internationally with a strong focus in the Asia Pacific region across a broad spectrum of functions, cultures and companies on matters of organization transition, diversity in east/west business cultures, and high performing teams.


The Program is highly flexible and designed to be deliverable as a face-to-face program and/or using distance technology.



Typically our clients choose the program to: 


  •  Sharpen leadership skills of high-potential individuals
  •  Correcting management behavior problems such as poor communication skills, failure to develop subordinates, or indecisiveness
  •  Ensure the success or decreasing the failure rate, of newly promoted managers
  •  Correcting employee relations problems such as poor interpersonal skills, disorganisation, demeaning or arrogant behaviour
  •  Providing the required management and leadership skills to technically oriented employees.
This 1-2 year program includes: a behaviour assessment with extensive individual and team reports that can continue to be used beyond the coaching sessions. Unlimited email/phone support between sessions.
Coaching will be effective when there is a deep level of commitment and where the core issues are unravelled. This will then lead to lasting and meaningful behavioral change, particularly when it affects the bottom line.

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Our Coaches

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