Group & Team Coaching

Adults learn best when they can exchange new ideas, act on new knowledge and feedback and reflect with like-minded peers. Our peer coaching concept is recognised as a very effective way of achieving oustanding results for Business Leaders and Managers.

How Does it Work?

Each group of 5-7 people are lead by a highly experienced coach where they exchange coaching, materials and accountabilities around each participant’s self-selected goal and around what each promises to do as an action plan between sessions to achieve their goal. Circles usually meet monthly for 90 minutes.

Who will Benefit?

  •  Individuals who wish to work with others of differing expertise in order to accelerate their entrepreneurial learning curve. Ideally it will be a diverse group that can pose the big questions that need to be asked and the coach ensures the necessary guidance, support and challenge is provided!
  •  Business or Corporate teams who share a similar challenge and need help facilitating the change and movement forward that they desire. Organisations using this approach cite business benefits such as cost savings, improved customer relations, lower staff turnover and an improved organisational culture.
  • Program can be tailored to meet needs of:
  •  Emerging Leaders – the next exciting step!
  •  Young Entrepreneurs – keep focused & think deeply!
  •  Executives – We’re all on the same page!
  •  Start Ups – new beginnings & where to start!
  •  Home Based Business – Getting out there!

Coaching Circles works for:

  •  Companies, organisations, and related professionals;
  •  Affiliated groups where members are from the same organisation;
  •  People interested in building or re-building a business;
  •  Individuals who are ready to accomplish big vision/goals;

Benefits of Coaching Circles

  •  Enjoy a non-judgemental listening environment;
  •  Network with successful, like-minded people;
  •  Peers share focused feedback, materials and support;
  •  Attain your biggest goals - and be kept accountable;
  •  Accelerate team-effectiveness and leadership skills;
  •  Increase productivity & morale.

The Coaching Circle Experience Includes:

  •  1 x 120 minute group coaching session per month;
  •  Plus one individual coaching session each month.

Groups normally meet for 6 months and after this time we often find some members are keen to continue or set up their own group and continue the learning. Your coach will apply a model of best practice in a highly professional and confidential environment to ensure maximum benefit to each participant .

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